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Italy arrests 21 for migrant trafficking

An international police operation has arrested 21 people in northern Italy, suspected of running a Europe-wide people-trafficking ring.

Bots and drones help Italy's post-quake recovery

With the last of the missing accounted for, emergency services have begun the task of rebuilding central Italy 's damaged towns - with the help of high-tech drones and robots.

3,000-year-old sword found in Denmark is 'still sharp'

The "incredibly well-preserved sword” was discovered by amateurs.

12 mistakes foreigners make when moving to Italy

When you move to Italy, you're bound to make a few mistakes before you settle into la dolce vita. Here are a few to look out for...

Elderly Italian on benefits stashed €1m in Swiss bank

The 80-year-old is being investigated after claiming benefits in Italy for 12 years.

Concordia survivors blame Italy for 'stolen' possessions

A group of French survivors of the Costa Concordia disaster have pointed the finger at Italian authorities over the missing jewelry, money and electrical goods they were storing in the ship's safes.

Water in quake-hit Amatrice no longer safe to drink

Twelve days after the devastating earthquake in central Italy, authorities have warned that the water in Amatrice is not safe to drink.

Man dies while trying to burn wife alive at refugee home

A man in a refugee shelter died on Thursday while trying to set his wife on fire, leaving the woman seriously injured and part of the building ablaze, police said.

Ten-man Italy get Ventura-era off to winning start

Italy, reduced to 10-men, got their 2018 World Cup qualifying off to an impressive start by defeating Israel 3-1 in-front of a sold-out Sammy Offer stadium in Haifa on Monday.

Scientists find keys to a long life in Italy's 100 club village

Scientists on Monday revealed part of the secret to why a small village in southern Italy has an unusual number of centenarians - low levels of a particular hormone that affects circulation.

Why coffee in Italy is a culture you must taste to understand

American journalist John Henderson went from despising the taste of coffee to loving it. And all because he moved to Rome. In his latest column for The Local, he explains the transition.

So why do pasta-loving Italians live such long lives?

With its combination of pasta, pizza and cheese, the Italian diet might not seem the healthiest. But how do Italians manage to live longer? American writer Rick Zullo tries to get to the bottom of it.


México será uno de los primeros países en los que se venderá el gadget a partir del 16 de septiembre, lo que hablan del interés que tiene el mercado para Apple, señalaron analistas.

Apple iPhone 7 en iPhone 7 plus binnenkort te bestellen

iPhone 7 zonder koptelefooningang moet Apple's jaar redden

Het zal even wennen zijn voor gebruikers. Apple stopt met een vanzelfsprekendheid. De nieuwe iPhone 7, die het bedrijf vandaag aankondigde tijdens een perspresentatie in San Francisco, heeft geen koptelefoonaansluiting.

Apple iPhone 7

Jet-black Apple iPhone 7 is here with a water-resistant body, better cameras, 256GB capacity -- and no headphone jack (hands-on)

Google Cardboard: Which VR experiences are worth your time?

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Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction

The Role Of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure And Other Conditions

How to Measure Your Penis Size

When choosing a condom, it's good to know the number